Now in portuguese and English..

Mas por enquanto só em ingles pq to com muito preguiça de traduzir td agora..

Hello Everybody!! Here I am at Rome’s Airport sitting down for more than an hour waiting for my connection flight to Venice. I am kindda scared but happy at the same time. Weird feelings going on here, and I am alone and can’t get the internet to work, so I am typing this on Word to post later on.
I am so anxious that I haven’t slept at all during the flight.. actually I slept 2 hours from the 11 hour flight, so I am extremely tired right now. Good thing I was sitting in the aisle and the passenger from the middle seat didn’t show up, so I had a little space. I will have today free in Venice and tomorrow I am joining the ship. I want to rest a little, but I don’t want to sleep the whole day, I will try to stay as much time awake as I can, so I don’t get jet lag tomorrow.
I don’t really have a lot of things to post. I do have, but it just slipped away from my mind :s Yes a 11 hour flight can make that with you.
There are two other Brazilians that will join a ship tomorrow and will spend today in Venice, they are going to work for Royal Caribbean, hopefully we’ll be able to get together and hang out today, once will be doing the same itinerary most of the time. Ok, so my boarding time is supposed to be in about 15 minutes, I’ll get my stuff together and get to the gate, and try to write something else before I join the ship..
So Iam back.. and there is nothing so bad that can’t get worse right? So my flight to Venice was supposed to leave at 9:20am, but we started getting on board as 9:25 :O we all got onboard and the captain says we got wait for someone that is late for some reason.. we wait.. after about 20 minutes he says that something is going on at Venice’s airport and we can only leave Rome after12:10pm !!!! oh no!!! so we were lucky (NOT) enough to be able to leave at 11:15am.. after we stayed all this time inside the plane with no A/c!! great hun???
So we get to Venice and we wait for about 45 minutes until our luggage gets to us.
At the airport I’ve met a brazilian guy from reception, and 2 Canadian girls that works with the same thing I’ll do for a long time.. one of them is my roommate at the hotel… they said I got the nicest ship to start..hope soo..
I am hungry.. but I don’t want to spend my money, I didn’t bring much.. and tomorrow, breakfast is 16 euros.. it’s a lot!

OMG, there is a lot of Youth Counselors here getting on the ship, but I think I am the only one for a first contract..sooo scared

Love you all!
Take care
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  1. vanpacheco Says:

    You were au pair during 2 years, this will be a piece of cake! Good luck!